Meadowlake Village Homeowners' Association

Flock Safety Community Outreach

Meadowlake Village has partnered with Flock Safety, a national neighborhood security provider that specializes in community safety through the use of license plate reading cameras. License plates are the #1 piece of evidence that police request in the case of criminal activity such as home and car break-ins. Flock Safety’s cameras are entirely self-sufficient; they are solar-powered and send footage via mobile technology to a secure cloud-based network unique to our community. The cameras record footage but also have both day and night-time capability to read and record license plates that pass through our community.

Privacy is a top concern for Flock and Meadowlake Village. The footage and data that is collected is automatically deleted after 30 days and is accessible only by limited members of the board. In the event of a crime, access can be shared and footage can be downloaded and stored by either the community or local authorities. 

Despite this technology, it is just a camera. The #1 way to deter crime is a responsibility we each own individually: lock your doors and keep your valuables out of sight. We are fortunate to live in such a safe neighborhood, but we believe that this service will both further deter mischief crimes and provide a valuable resource to our residents.

What we recommend:

1) Meadowlake Village encourages you to register to our community’s SafeList. It’s up to you whether you provide your actual name, but by registering your license plate, we will know that your vehicle belongs to a resident when sorting through footage in the event of a crime. You can add any vehicle that you own or that frequently visits your home. The link to the secure Safelist site is:

2) If you are the victim of a crime, please report it first to the police department. Then, you can send an email to and we can help provide footage or provide access to you or the detective assigned to the case. 

3) Wave and smile to your neighbors and continue to make Meadowlake Village an incredible place to live!


The existence of Flock Safety cameras should NOT be relied upon by any individual for safety or security. Individuals are encouraged to take additional precautions to ensure the safety of their property.

Meadowlake Village and Flock Safety are NOT law enforcement agencies and are not in a position to undertake law enforcement activities. Any illegal activity should be reported to law enforcement immediately for investigation.