Meadowlake Village Homeowners' Association

Heavy trash pick up includes washers, dryers, televisions, water heaters, furniture, etc. These items will be collected at the curb. Hotchkiss will also pick up freezers, refrigerators, and other items provided that all CFC's have properly been removed and tagged as such, in compliance with state and federal laws. Items not in compliance with the foregoing will NOT be picked up.
Tree trimmings and branches cut in lengths not to exceed three (3) feet, securely tied in bundles and weighing not more than fifty (50) pounds, will be collected by Hotchkiss.
Hotchkiss will not pick up scrap materials from construction, repair and remodeling of buildings, concrete, bricks, batteries, tires, tree stumps, or limbs bigger than five (5) inches in diameter and longer than three (3) feet in length, automobile bodies or larger machine parts, hazardous waste, materials of an explosive nature and any other waste which Hotchkiss reasonably believes to be outside the scope of contract.